A Friend

I have a friend who’s 97 years old. She is amazingly healthy. Sometimes she takes an aspirin. 90% of the time she’s bright. She was a teacher when she was younger and will correct your grammar in a heartbeat. I plan to write a short story about her soon but this is about something else.

She constantly talks about someone no one knows but they are there with her almost all the time. I know at 97 there’s probably some dementia but I’m not so sure about this.

Last week I visited with her for about 4 hours. It’s a long drive so when I go I stay awhile. Our personalities are very much alike. We call it like we see it.

I mentioned before that I’ve experienced the paranormal since I was 12. The last time I was at her house every time I’d wash my hands when I went back to the bathroom the hand towel was folded differently than I’d left it. Trust me. I’m kind of a slob plus when I’m with her I wash my hands a lot to make sure I don’t expose her to germs. I know how I leave the hand towel and it’s not that way when I go back. It doesn’t scare me at all. Do any of you believe this person she talks about and to is a more particular housekeeper than I am?

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